We have always had concerns about the fact that children are not taught very much about money. This leads to problems in adulthood as we have no clue what to do. We just make bad decisions or do what our parents did and do not really give much thought to whether what we are doing is right or wrong. This can end up meaning that we get into financial difficulties and feel completely overwhelmed and out of control. The good news is that there is no need to feel like this and we can improve things. We can even start with just a few simple steps so that we can start to take control in an easy way and then once we get used to those changes we can move on to others and slowly build up. We can of course, change lots of things at once, but this can be hard, so taking a few steps at a time can be a good compromise. We hope that there are some tips for everyone on our website and anyone who needs help will be able to be gently guided towards changing a few things so that they can get better control of their money more easily.

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